Friday, September 1, 2017

Buried Alive - The Death of Your Perfect World (1999)

Raging, breakdown-heavy NYHC. The Death of Your Perfect World boasts what I consider to be, no exaggeration, one of the worst album covers in the world. Right off the bat, the eyes recoil at its poor layout, bland color palette, and forgettable imagery. But moreover, it's super misleading. This is tough, pissed-off hardcore, not shitty screamo/metalcore. That being said: the record itself is a self-contained ass-kicking machine that reliably induces moshing in even the weakest of subjects.

Track listing:
1. Watching You Die
2. Kiss of Death
3. Worthless
4. Nothing at All
5. Kill Their Past
6. Poisoned Seeds
7. The Death of Your Perfect World
8. Empty Sky
9. Curse of the Womb
10. Drenched in Disease
11. Six Month Face
12. To Live and Die With

Bound and gagged
Forever scarred

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