Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Res - How I Do (2001)

A true gem of artful but pop-oriented neosoul with tinges of reggae. How I Do is front-to-back tight, but I feel like I have to specifically mention "They-Say Vision", a minor hit that's one of my all-time favorite pop songs.

Track listing:
1. Golden Boys
2. They-Say Vision
3. 700 Mile Situation
4. Ice King
5. Sittin' Back
6. How I Do
7. If There Ain't Nothing
8. The Hustler
9. I've Known the Garden
10. Let Love
11. Tsunami

I wanna try that pill that people take
That makes them believe all the things that people say

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  1. randomly clicking shit off this blog NEVER disappoints, wtf. i feel like i might have heard this once when i was like 8 when it came out and never since. good feels .

    1. I love that feeling, kinda like the music's hitting a part of your brain that you haven't used in years.