Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ablaze in Hatred - Deceptive Awareness (2006)

Atmospheric, melodic Finnish doom/death. Clean and distorted guitars mix with ethereal keyboards to form a beautifully crushing wall of sound, out from which creep beastly growls and mournful, majestic leads. Ablaze in Hatred certainly didn't invent this sound -- bands like Swallow the Sun and Shape of Despair are clear predecessors -- but they're a worthy addition to the pantheon.

Track listing:
1. Lost (The Overture)
2. When the Blackened Candles Shine
3. Howls Unknown
4. Constant Stillness
5. Ongoing Fall
6. To Breathe and to Suffocate
7. Closure of Life

How I love to drown in this serene dream
The dream of those who deserve to die

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