Thursday, June 8, 2023

Louis de Mieulle - Defense Mechanisms (2011)

Super tasty debut solo record from French jazz bassist Louis de Mieulle. Nocturnal, woozy, groove-y jazz-rock/fusion featuring a lot of work with out-of-sync time signatures -- I'm guessing there's a more concise, nerdier way term for that but I don't know it -- and the casually virtuosic drumming of Animals as Leaders' Matt Garstka. If you're a regular reader of this blog, this should be way up your alley.

Track listing:
1. Scapegoat 1
2. Scapegoat 2
3. Electric Cell Mutations
4. Skuld
5. Soundfrieze
6. The Ladybug and the Cockchafer
7. The Taste of Filth
8. Portrait de Famille
9. Solitude

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  1. Nice one! Do you know Paul Bley's "Jaco" from 1974? More abstract than this, but similar vibe!

  2. Man, i haven't found a time of day when this hasn't sounded great: at night when i'm nodding out; early in the morning at low volume; this afternoon in the cool breeze of an electric fan... (thanks!)