Sunday, June 4, 2023

Steve Tibbetts - Exploded View (1986)

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If you've noticed that I've been even less active than usual on here, it's because I'm putting the finishing touches on my degree, and have been buried alive in a digital grave of spreadsheets, financial reports, essays, and zoom meetings. And as I mentioned on last month's post about new shit I've been listening to, I listen pretty much exclusively to Steve Tibbetts while doing school work -- for real, I have a playlist titled "SCHOOL" that's just Tibbetts' discography in chronological order.

However, what's truly extraordinary about this man's music is that not only does it hold up extremely well to both casual and close listening, but I never seem to tire of it, regardless of the countless hours I've spent with it. So here's one of my favorites of his. It's second only to The Fall of Us All in his discography in terms of sheer volume levels and intensity of performance, which means you're in for propulsive tribal percussion, dramatic vocals, and Tibbett's inimitable guitar stylings/feedback manipulation.

(Pro-tip: For even more, check the comments section on the The Fall of Us All post.)

Track listing:
1. Name Everything
2. Another Year
3. A Clear Day and No Memories
4. Your Cat
5. Forget
6. Drawing Down the Moon
7. The X Festival
8. Metal Summer
9. Assembly Field

Somewhat similar listening:


  1. Thanks! I keep meaning to dive into Tibbetts. You turned me onto David Torn and I like him a bunch.

    Speaking of him, here's a show with Torn, Garbarek, Eberhard Weber and Billy Hart on drums. I think this lineup did a record for ECM? I'm not sure. It did seem up your alley:

    1. Thanks, I'll give it a listen, definitely sounds my my alley. Not sure if this specific lineup did a record. I know that Torn, Garbarek, and Weber have an album with a different drummer called "It's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice". Honestly, it was somewhat of a letdown for me. Some good moments, but kinda sounded like elevator music. It's been a really long time since I've heard it, though, maybe I'd like it now in my old age.

  2. I too have studied, crammed, edited and proofread book manuscripts, and even coded relational databases with the Great Frammis spilling through speakers or into headphones. A unique, immersive headspace and cauldron of musical ideas that is like no other artist. While he has distilled his sound and energies to a quiet, potent essence over the course of his career, this full-throated release remains a particular high water mark. Thanks for posting!

  3. this one really shreds

  4. YES! My demands have been met :p Thanks Dear Spirit, love yer work as always!

    1. You're very welcome, thanks for giving me the go-ahead! I'm always down for some Tibbetts.

  5. dear sir , i have never heard of steve yet this blew my socks off , what a glorious record ! thank you for everything

    1. So happy to have introduced you to one of my all-time faves! His discography is flawless imo so be sure to check out some of his other stuff.

  6. I've got this in LP form, but no longer have a turntable so I've not heard it in a long time. Many thanks!