Thursday, May 16, 2019

Baptism - The Beherial Midnight (2002)

Debut LP from a Finnish black metal institution. True raw Satanic excellence, with plenty of riff-y, thrash-y evil and an air of melancholy.

Track listing:
1. Sons of Ruin and Terror
2. Scattered Remains
3. From the Gates of Apocalypse
4. Centuries in Everdark Ashes
5. Blasphemic Tyrant
6. Forest of Suicidal Memories
7. Triumphant in War and Hate
8. Thy Heart Bleeds
9. The Beherial Midnight

Wrath of our hearts has grown with your lies
But it shall find peace with your deaths

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  1. Great post with Baptism!
    Off topic question, but how do you label your artists in itunes or such when you have multiple artists on a title.
    Specifically, I'm thinking of jazz artists, like ECM releases. For example, when there are three musicians, but they are not a "group". Do you label them as all three, or do you just go with the "main" artist?
    Just trying to get ideas on how to sort my stuff out.

    1. You can make useof the Artistsort field so you see the artist as they are while sorting at your will.

    2. Hey, forgot to respond, sorry. If there's one artist who gets top billing but a few other artists listed on the cover, I'll just go with the top billed one -- this, for example:

      If they all get equal billing, I'll use all their names, like this one:

  2. Wow, great stuff! Wicked good! Thanks!

  3. Hey, Dear - may I call you Dear? - you will have noticed a spike in your page views recently - I'm guessing they've doubled? To around a dozen or so? That's because I linked here from my Blog Of Awesomeness, which is like, - all my five or six readers will be over here now, diggin' your swingin' Finnish Suicide tunes! You can repay the favor if you like. Not like I'm begging or anything.