Friday, November 29, 2019

The Dolphin Brothers - Catch the Fall (1987)

Japan - Adolescent Sex (1978)
Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow (1991)

Artful new wave/"sophistipop" (I refuse to use that word without mentioning my contempt for it) from Richard Barbieri and Steve Jansen of Japan. Honestly, Jansen, who handles vocals, kinda sounds like he's straight-up doing a David Sylvian impression.

Track listing:
1. Catch the Fall
2. Shining
3. Second Sight
4. Love That You Need
5. Real Life, Real Answers
6. Host to the Holy
7. My Winter
8. Pushing the River

Falling down without a sound

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  1. Stephen Batt is David Batt's brother.

  2. Yep, the brothers sound amazingly alike, tis true.

  3. Always liked that album! Pretty sure it would have been a hit if it had come out in 1983 or so. A few years behind the times, but still a pleasant listen IMHO :-)

  4. 50’s: Elvis
    60’s: Beatles
    70’s: Pink Floyd / Sex Pistols
    80’s: Duran Duran

    ‘Nuff said.

    1. First off, I'd be happy to never hear Elvis again. Second off, Duran Duran is great and they were far from the biggest band of the decade, but since we obviously don't agree there, I'll just point out that Prince would be a much better (by any measure) choice for the #1 artist of the 80s.

      These points not withstanding: it's easy to make a decade look good when you retrospectively point to its most iconic artists, forgetting about the countless others like Pat Boone (50s), Tom Jones (60s), and Captain & Tennille (70s), who sold millions and millions of records and whose music was inescapable at the time, but sucked fucking ass. Like I said, every decade is garbage.

    2. Tom Jones can wipe the floor with Duran Duran any day.
      Of course we are discussing tastes here, so I’m not trying to convince anybody, I just don’t like the protoypical 89’s sound at all. Even great artists (Bowie, Reed) released their worst albums in said decade (Mistrial, Never let me down)

  5. Duran Duran is way better than the beatles, bruv!

  6. I've never managed to listen in entirety a Prince album, maybe someday I can re-try... Not tomorrow, for sure.

  7. Surprised nobody has likened this to Yellow Magic Orchestra!