Sunday, April 14, 2019

Gob - The Kill Yourself Commandment (1999)

Chaotic, dissonant, misanthropic hardcore. You see, back in my day, you couldn't just go to a Youtube comments section if you wanted a stranger to tell you to kill yourself -- you had to track down the right obscure hardcore record.

Track listing:
1. Inside the Nexus Phase
2. Smoking the Hanta Virus
3. Home Self-Communion Kit
4. Bring Me the Head of Gob
5. Re-Freezing Psychorium
6. Anatomy of a Broken Nose
7. Atrocity Simplex
8. Encoded Information Entitled: Untitled
9. Northern Nevada Methlab Wars
11. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
12. 21st Century Shit for Brains

I'm your man

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  1. Link seems to be broken, re-up?

  2. The link just brings you back to this page fyi

  3. Band members of Gob later formed Iron Lung, an awesome band as well but a more powerviolence/grindcore oriented sound.