Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Voodoo Child - The End of Everything (1996)

First full-length by this project of Richard Melville Hall, aka Moby. It's soothing, ambient electro/techno with a beautifully gentle sense of forward movement. Easily one of the best albums he ever put out. Also, while I have your attention, I'd just like to say that, "Bodyrock" aside, Play is a fucking masterpiece, and no amount of selling out or mediocrity that has transpired since its release will change that.

Track listing:
1. Patient Love
2. Great Lake
3. Gentle Love
4. Honest Love
5. Slow Motion Suicide
6. Dog Heaven
7. Reject

The rain pushes the buildings aside
The sky turns black
The sky

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  1. This blog is Amazing ! Thank you so much for what you're doing... 🙏

  2. I endorse this opinion of PLAY even though it may cost me the last little bit of "indie" "cred" I had remaining.

  3. Play was really good except for southside and bodyrock which ironically were the two 'hits.' The last song on Play is the best. Thanks! Never heard of this one.

  4. thanks!

    by the way... it has nothing to do with this post, but, do you have a link of "Coping Mechanisms"? it's an album by irish artist Si Scrhroeder.

  5. Moby was on Bill Maher last night!

  6. Dear Opium Hum,

    You run a great blog and usually your taste is faultless but on this, Moby's Play, you are wrong. Moby is scum, an entitled deviant predator, shameless cultural appropriator, greedy opportunist and an appalling musician. The only reason any element of Play has found an audience is from the genuinely moving excerpts of African American musicians he sampled. I hated him from the get go but my loathing has only increased the more I learn about that fucker.

    Nothing new but more background on Moby's awfulness on the link below, and I welcome any attempt at defending that ghastly man and his atrocious album. Got nothing to do with indie cred, he's foul and it's shit.


  7. But going to use my comment? Come on, Moby sux! You know it!

    1. I just haven't been on here, chill. He's always seemed like a total tool -- fun fact: he slept with a friend of my brother's then completely ghosted her -- and he's really showed his ass with this Natalie Portman business, but I like tons of records by complete pieces of shit so that's not gonna make much of a difference on my end. I loved Play when it first came out, and I love it now. Seems kinda like a fluke because he has yet to put out anything that's half as good as Play since, but still, sounds like we just disagree, and that's fine.