Monday, June 17, 2019

Phlebotomized - Devoted to God (1992)

Dutch death/doom. Eerie, atmospheric keyboards, thick guitars, beastly gutturals, songs that rarely stay on the same part for more than 20 seconds or so, and best-case-scenario production for a 90s death metal demo.

Track listing:
1. In Search of Tranquility
2. Subtle Disbalanced Liquidity
3. Desecration of Alleged Christian History
4. Fate of a Devotee
5. Devoted to God
6. Tragic Entanglement
7. Ataraxia

Slowly captivated by the suffocating mass

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  1. best case scenario for production...hahahaha. i'm trying to remember an old comment you made about nattramn appearing on some other bands cover? hes all cut up....or did i imagine it all?

    1. You're not imagining it but it's not Nattramn, it's Einar André Fredriksen of Funeral, on the cover of Suicidal Emotions by Abyssic Hate --