Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Bible - Walking the Ghost Back Home (1986)

British indie/pop rock that's somewhere in the same sophisticated new wave realm as Prefab Sprout. Jangly guitars, fretless bass, bittersweet vocals, and a lonely saxophone echoing from around the corner.

Track listing:
1. Graceland
2. Mahalia
3. Walking the Ghost Back Home
4. Kid Galahad and the Chrome Kinema
5. King Chicago
6. Sweetness
7. Spend, Spend, Spend
8. (Talk to Me Like) Jackie Kennedy
9. She's My Bible
10. High Wide and Handsome
3. Walking the Ghost Back Home

Your twisting days are over

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  1. the sole mention of the Sprouts tempted me. Suppose it's not black metal then...
    I love your metal posts too. Thanks

  2. I just scored a copy of this record off discogs at the start of the week, it must be out in the ether. Thanks for the awesome blog and all the effort, you have amazing taste. the rnb and funk might take me a while longer to dig, but if you rate something its probs worth getting out of my comfort zone for eh!?

  3. And if you like this, then hunt down "Joyland" by Liberty Horses, the band that formed from the ashes of The Bible. "Shine" is my favorite song of all time.

  4. You had me at Prefab Sprout / fretless bass. Haven't checked the site in a minute! Glad to see you're still serving up heat :)