Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dion - Born to Be with You (1975)

A work of strange beauty and accidental (or, at least, incidental) genius from a usually pretty mediocre folk rock singer. The product of a contentious collaboration with Phil Spector, Born to Be with You is both loved and hated for its murky yet widescreen production, which provides a funereal backdrop for Dion's turn towards hipness. It's honestly difficult to tell whether or not they were trying to make a hit album -- if they were, they failed -- but as a piece of outsider pop art, from the jarringly plainspoken heroin references of "Your Own Backyard" to the baffling cover of "(He's Got) The Whole World in His Hands)", it's a 10/10.

Track listing:
1. Born to Be with You
2. Make the Woman Love Me
3. Your Own Back Yard
4. (He's Got) The Whole World in His Hands
5. Only You Know
6. New York City Song
7. In and Out of the Shadows
8. Good Lovin' Man

I can do anything that I wanna do
I do it straight, I do it better, too

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  1. What a mercurial - power - ballad - driven Album . . .this is as sure as the fact tha English is not my 1st language -not even second, anyway, ask J Spaceman how goode this Lp is !

    Thanks again doggie _______

  2. Thanks, this is great. Hope you're doing ok and keeping well.

  3. hello,would you add my blog in your blog list and I will do the same with yours,please??

  4. I first got alerted to this album back in the early 90s via an interview with Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream...he included the title track on a mix tape or something. I never actually heard the album till about 5 years back when I cobbled it together from individual downloads of track (might have been ripped from YouTube maybe).
    To me...if you listen to Spiritualized you can really hear that J Spaceman took a lot of influence from this album.

  5. God, this is so good. Thank you for posting it.

  6. Hi D_S, I was expecting more posts from you that usual in these quaratine days, but instead, nothing in three weeks...
    Just wandering if you’re ok. Hope so.

    1. I am ok, thanks for asking. Been listening to a lot of old staples that are not worth posting because everyone knows them -- Nick Drake, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Prine, that kind of thing -- and watching a shit ton of reality TV.