Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Grog - Macabre Requiems (1996)

Portuguese death metal brutality. Raw and beefy, with a welcome bit of camp. Play this at your next graveyard BBQ.

Track listing:
1. Embrace My Cold Body
2. Tribal Flesh Ceremony
3. Dawn of the Living Dead
4. Monstrous Anatomic Deformation
5. Splahterized Autopsy
6. Excreted and Vomited Abortions
7. Spontaneous Gore
8. Cannibal Feast
9. Rotten Grave
10. Sado-Masoquist Butchery
11. Cannibalistic Devourment
12. Drowned in the Pleasure of Tortured Flesh
13. Outro

Soup of sores

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  1. after 8 years still in this shit hole an just want to say thnk you for posting...