Saturday, October 12, 2019

Patologicum - Hecatomb of Aberration (2003)

Polish grind-y brutal death. Simplistic, extremely heavy guitars, formless gutturals, sloppy drumming, and a few long-ass horror movie samples, including one from Bad Taste.

Track listing:
1. Extremely Deforminded
2. Rectal Love
3. Bloody Adventures
4. Castration Anxiety
5. Massive Neck Injection by Infected Junkie
6. Vaginal Pus(sy)
7. Hacken-Creutzfeld Jacob
8. Famous by Urge
9. Tragedy in Supermarket
10. No Meat, No Eat
11. Condemned to Rot
12. Genital Vapor
13. Against Tolerance
14. Pavulon Ambulance

A walk among the corpses
Fills my heart with pride

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