Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Terje Rypdal - Lux Aeterna (2002)

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A breathtaking work of jazz-informed contemporary classical that's unlike anything else I've posted by Mr. Rypdal. Some of the most haunting, sublime sounds he's ever made.

Track listing:
1. 1st Movement - Luminous Galaxy
2. 2nd Movement - Fjelldåpen
3. 3rd Movement - Escalator
4. 4th Movement - Toccata
5. 5th Movement - Lux Aeterna

No, they couldn't believe it was you
But I knew

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  1. D_S thanks very much for this, I never got around to buying this release. -Is there any chance you
    have the ECM album by composer Vladimir Godar "Mater"?

    Thanks either way, and it feels good to stop by, it's been too long & I need this sanity!

    1. I do!

    2. D_S thank you man!!!! Made my night/weekend to come. Godar's chamber music is very good as are his few published neo-baroque yet dissonant works. This release is of particular interest to me as I'm a huge fan of the violinist/singer/composer Iva Bittová who is featured on this album. Are you familiar with her work? Back in '97 I discovered her self-titled album (on Nonesuch, released that year) and it's just something special. Between her avant-garde Czech/Moravian inspired fiddle playing and (at times) Meredith Monk-like vocals it's f'n magic.

      I'd offer to upload it for you but 2 years on and I still have no idea if you ever downloaded the 3 electronic/idm discs I sent you, I def asked ya a couple times but your'e a busy man XD

  2. Good post, not on Youtube as well!

  3. I'm in the mood to pay back bloggers like yourself who enrich people sonically and whether you realize it or not, do a lot of good for your audience.

    So I am going to recommend a couple of sites to you.
    This one I don't have to say anything about because it's right up your alley.
    I can hear you say, NO! No! No!
    But! This is not your grandfather's folk, many posts here are post-punk, post world music,post 20th century. give it a try.
    The Saturday, October 19, 2019 post might be a good place to start.
    I hope I did good. Enjoy!
    I like the more peaceful stuff you select, not so much the other side of your taste.,but I admire your taste and knowledge. I always learn something here.
    Thanks for the Tucker Zimmerman Post. Do you have any of his more recent releases?
    Thanks and Enjoy!

  4. D_S to be serious if you don't know Bittová's work I'd be glad to upload some for you - let me know.

    -Thanks again for the Godar

  5. Rypdal rules, thanks man

  6. Eos is getting hard to find (and expensive). Just saying...

  7. Where are you? Come back! Hope all's ok...

  8. Add links?

  9. please come back. we are getting worried...

  10. Miss you man. It's been almost a month. I know life presents itself with real priorities but your blog has been a great resource and outlet. Thanks, no matter what the future presents for you.