Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Terje Rypdal - Lux Aeterna (2002)

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A breathtaking work of jazz-informed contemporary classical that's unlike anything else I've posted by Mr. Rypdal. Some of the most haunting, sublime sounds he's ever made.

Track listing:
1. 1st Movement - Luminous Galaxy
2. 2nd Movement - Fjelldåpen
3. 3rd Movement - Escalator
4. 4th Movement - Toccata
5. 5th Movement - Lux Aeterna

No, they couldn't believe it was you
But I knew

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  1. D_S thanks very much for this, I never got around to buying this release. -Is there any chance you
    have the ECM album by composer Vladimir Godar "Mater"?

    Thanks either way, and it feels good to stop by, it's been too long & I need this sanity!

    1. I do!

    2. D_S thank you man!!!! Made my night/weekend to come. Godar's chamber music is very good as are his few published neo-baroque yet dissonant works. This release is of particular interest to me as I'm a huge fan of the violinist/singer/composer Iva Bittová who is featured on this album. Are you familiar with her work? Back in '97 I discovered her self-titled album (on Nonesuch, released that year) and it's just something special. Between her avant-garde Czech/Moravian inspired fiddle playing and (at times) Meredith Monk-like vocals it's f'n magic.

      I'd offer to upload it for you but 2 years on and I still have no idea if you ever downloaded the 3 electronic/idm discs I sent you, I def asked ya a couple times but your'e a busy man XD

  2. Good post, not on Youtube as well!