Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A-Soma & the Unlightened - Nothing Comes to Mind (1999)

Dark, extremely strange music. Synthesized orchestral arrangements, classically-inspired acoustic guitars, surreal poetry, some moments resembling deconstructed new wave, and generally unsettling vibes. I've been wanting to post this for years, but the prospect of actually having to describe it has been daunting. So in the interest of the greater good, I just decided to half-ass it, like always.

EDIT: Apparently A-Soma is not an alias for Nemo Jones, so I have deleted that bit. I got that information from Discogs but enough of you seem certain that it's wrong that I'm gonna believe y'all. Thanks to those of you who were able to convey this information without being fucking dickheads about it.

EDIT #2: Looks like the information on Discogs has been fixed now as well, and since A-Soma had been listed as an alias for Nemo Jones for years now, I'm guessing that it was one of y'all that corrected it. So it looks like there's a happy ending after all.

Track listing:
1. This
2. Train
3. Vortex of Blades
4. Ethyl
5. Dark Sphere
6. Satellite Dance
7. Giant Leaves
8. Draps Bruts
9. Conundrum
10. Sky Face
11. The Canals of Mars
12. The Botanist's Servant
13. Falling Down Holy
14. Frozen Fields
15. Amniotic Shore
16. The Box
17. Scorched
18. Morning Light
19. Mineral Worship

There's no such thing as purity

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  1. I had no idea this existed. Are there any other Crass Kids making music?

    1. Nemo is the only one I’m aware of but not sure

  2. I really love that cover album images ! :) , checkout my old song maybe u can review about it

    thank you

  3. This album Nothing Comes To MInd, is a solo album by A-Soma. It has nothing to do with Nemo Jones. His mother Eve Libertine contributed backing vocals to one track on it.
    Visit for further information.

    1. A-Soma is Nemo Jones, though, right? According to Discogs, A-Soma is Nemo Jones' alias. Is that incorrect?

    2. In answer to your question, no, he is not.

      If you liked Nothing Comes To Mind, check out his last album Dark in Space.

  4. A-Soma is absolutely not Nemo Jones. If you are going to publish information about an artist at least you should do a little investigating to get your facts right. It is not that difficult. Try looking at A-Soma's web pages to find out exactly who he is