Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Residents - Animal Lover (2005)

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The definitive 'modern' Residents record IMO. Superficially, it's about as close to conventionally-structured songwriting as The Residents are interested in getting, but the songs are as dark, strange, and emotionally compelling as anything they've written. "Elmer's Song" in particular is a real marvel of warped, miserably beautiful songwriting. Honestly, probably my most listened-to Residents record.

Track listing:
1. On the Way (To Oklahoma)
2. Olive and Gray
3. What Have My Chickens Done Now?
4. Two Lips
5. Mr. Bee's Bumble
6. Inner Space
7. Dead Men
8. My Window
9. Ingrid's Oily Tongue
10. Mother No More
11. Dreaming of an Anthill (Teeming)
12. Elmer's Song
13. The Monkey Man
14. The Whispering Boys
15. Burn My Bones

But soon a voice inside of a dream
Said "Son you can become My Cream"

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  1. This is such a fantastic record! It's dark and strange, sure, but terrifying too - once you realise what the songs are actually about. And for the skeptical few who just come to this blog for the black metal, my family actually consider Nattramn's vocal stylings to be preferable to the singing on this record. It's that good.

  2. Thanks for this! After thirty years I'm still "trying to get into The Residents." I appreciate the help! - Stinky