Friday, October 5, 2018

The Grotesquery - The Facts and Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales (2012)

Those Who Bring the Torture - Those Who Bring the Torture (2007)
Skeletal Spectre - Tomb Coven (2011)

Cthulhu-humping death metal from a band with Swedish and American members. Bang your head, speak the unspeakable, lose your mind, and watch our world crumble from behind twin dead eyes.

Track listing:
 Chapter 1: Asylum
1. The Madness (of Mason Hamilton)
2. A Terrifying Testament
 Chapter 2: The Island
3. Arrival: Tomb of Toads
4. Beware They Who Burrow Beneath
 Chapter 3: First Dream
5. Gaze of Ghatanathoa
 Chapter 4: The Caverns
6. Amongst Black Slime & Mushroom People
 Chapter 5: Second Dream
7. The Cthulhu Prophecy
 Chapter 6: Of Gods & Monsters
8. Tsathoggua: The Black God of N'Kai
9. Entrapped Within Atlach-Nacha's Web
 Chapter 7: Dead But Dreaming
10. Psychopompos Lamentations for a Dying World
 Chapter 8: Final Dream
11. Dreams of Terror in Darkness & Horrors Out of Shadows

Below the surface of this planet wages a battle of horrid beast
A war of the Worm and her hellish brood
Against the Toad Lord and its kin
As the spider goddess spins her web
Connecting the dreamlands once again!

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  1. Of note: The Grotesquery features Kam Lee, co-founder of Death.

  2. Ive enjoyed all their work so far, but the debut is still my favorite. The story and narrations are just great.