Thursday, October 11, 2018

Paul Chain Violet Theatre - In the Darkness (1986)

Italian outsider psych-doom. A thin, wavering voice and subtly idiosyncratic songs that are somewhere between St. Vitus and early Alice Cooper, with maybe a dash of Goblin. In a better, weirder world, Paul Chain would be a megastar, but as it is, he's a musical misfit with an utterly singular artistic vision and not a shot in hell at gaining a larger audience -- the epitome of a cult artist, essentially.

Track listing:
1. Welcome to My Hell
2. Meat
3. War
4. Crazy
5. Grey Life
6. Woman and Knife
7. Mortuary Hearse
8. In the Darkness

I am a crazy

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  1. Fucking brilliant album. I'd only heard Alkahest but this is so much better --PC

    1. Try to listen to "Violet Theater Of Improvisation" it may change your life.

  2. Paul Chain is a genius Doom Psych musician with one hell of a back catalogue. The sound of
    Death SS changed quiet a bit after Chain left... and not to the better part imo.
    Check out Life and Death, White Sepulchres, Park of Reason and the split with Johar, great doomprogpsychedelia witch phonetic singing, like most of his vocal work.

  3. I love the Black priest, especially this zone and Opera 4th.
    Great stuff ad ever nere.