Monday, October 8, 2018

Aymrev Erkroz Prevre - Noir Voyage Obstrué de Rencontres Difformes (2006)

French lo-fi dark ambient. A massive, empty. lightless sonic space. A gateway opened to nothingness. Degraded aural evidence of an all-too real hell.

Two untitled tracks

You build a place for things... things come.

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  1. Good News ! You have once posted the fantastic Picchio Dal Pozzo , their first selftitled LP, I wrote a comment to that and how much it reminded me of Hatfield and the North and other music, and here is the link to the second LP of them from 1980 :

    It is not my link, so hurry up - I haven´t heard it yet, but it must be good, judging from their first effort.
    Thanks for your excellent Blog

    Raimund (Berlin, Germany)