Saturday, October 6, 2018

Exhumer - Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion (2008)

Italian brutal grinding death. Hyperspeed drum machine and surgically precise guitar-playing to match. Short but packs a punch.

Track listing:
1. Act I - Putrefaction: The Legion of B. Cadaveris Mesentericus
2. Act II - Cadaverous Fauna: Death's Workers
3. Act III - The Final Judgement: Colliquation of the Corpse and Skeletonizement
4. Necropsychopatic Exhumation
5. Boredoms to the Digestive Apparatus
6. Malignant Necrosy
7. Agony of the Soul (Instrumental)
8. Necropsychopatic Exhumation (Demo 2004) [bonus]
9. Boredoms to the Digestive Apparatus (Demo 2004) [bonus]

The bones finally with no flesh suffer the worms' mania

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