Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Sickening - Death Devastation Decay (2009)

Norwegian brutal death metal. It's not quite tech, but shit's hyperspeed and razor sharp -- dudes are all really fucking talented musicians. Sounds like they borrowed the snare Lars used on St. Anger.

Track listing:
1. Aggravated Explosive Prolapse of the Bowel
2. To Gauge and Fuck the Sockets
3. A Dish So Sweet
4. Morbid Necro Extremities
5. Slurping Rotten Remains
6. Obsessed with the Dead
7. Infesters
8. Violent Female Circumcision
9. Castle of Death
10. Death Devastation Decay
11. Hammer Smashed Face [Cannibal Corpse cover]

Hunger for the rotting

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