Sunday, October 15, 2017

Druid - Vampire Cult (1989) + Four Curses (1986)

Kickass obscure US heavy metal. Ample gated reverb and delay give Vampire Cult a kult, eerie sound that's reinforced by stuff like the droning feedback solo at the end of "Word of the Lord". And, obviously, the album cover's one for the history books. In conclusion, I fucking love this record and you should, too. Plus, I'm gonna throw in the Four Curses EP cause why the hell not.

Track listing:
-Vampire Cult-
1. Word of the Lord
2. Time of Trial
3. Twin Towers
4. Brand New Messiah
5. The Jokes (Take the Thrashers Surfing)
6. Claws
7. Blast from the Past
8. Nitemare
9. The Highwayman
10. Dark Travel
11. Crossover
-Four Curses-
1. The Robber
2. Forced Entry
3. Legion (The Exorcist)
4. Godsend

The devil ripped my ear off and ate it

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  1. Mega, huh? While I'm happy - I hope it works out without giving you issues. Also...holy shit. Haven't listened yet, but...This looks killer, and your description sold me. I'll be back to share my inevitable praise. \m/

    1. Update: Said I'd be back. So...Been jamming this, and - as I predicted - I love it.

  2. Man... Heavy Metal just went all to shit when they stopped letting middle-schoolers draw the album covers in pencil.


  3. This was featured in a post to a group I follow on FB: "Shit Record Covers". The comments were pretty epic.