Thursday, October 12, 2017

Michael Perilstein - The Deadly Spawn OST (1983)

The music by which grotesque, voracious aliens eat, dismember, and all-around terrorize an unlucky town. Synth is the through line, but each track introduces a new set of instrumentation, from a single flute to a full band. You may notice that the final track doesn't really fit; this is because it was (if I recall correctly) recorded specially for the 90s reissue of the soundtrack, and is not as good.

Track listing:
1. The Landing of the Meteorite
2. Afternoon of a Spawn
3. All That Slithers Is Not Good
4. Creeping Right Along
5. Spawn with the Wind
6. Let's Spawn
7. Here Today, Spawn Tomorrow
8. Spawn Lake
9. The Spawn Who Came in from the Cold
10. An Upstream Battle
11. The Deadly Spawn
12. Spawn, But Not Forgotten

Surrounded by an unknown horror

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