Sunday, October 29, 2017

Art Zoyd - Berlin (1987)

A dark, dense, dissonant cacophony generated by a big ol' pile o' instruments, including synths, strings, horns, organ, piano, and percussion, with structurally ambitious, experimental compositions to boot. Someone please explain to me how it's possible that this is the first time I've posted Art Zoyd on here?

Track listing:
1. Epithalame
2. Baboon's Blood
3. Petite Messe a l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Offertoire
4. Petite Messe a l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Kyrie
5. A Drum, a Drum
6. Petite Messe a l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Introit
7. Unsex Me Here

Don't lose your head

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  1. Their 1982 release, Phase IV, is an album for the ages. That was my intro to them and my favorite. Not a stinker in the bunch. They are the band that introduced me to the zeuhl and RIO genres.

  2. Dom't know this band at all. AMG sez this is NOT their best album... Comments?

    1. It's not their best -- might go with "Génération Sans Futur" or "Musique pour l'Odyssée" for that. "Berlin" is really great though, and fits in well with my attempts to post nothing but "spooky" music 'til after Halloween.

  3. Nice to see you've shifted into sunshine pop! Thanks for this.

  4. Love RIO and Art Zoyd. Had not heard this one. Thanks.