Sunday, October 1, 2017

Black Funeral - Moon of Characith (1998)

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Well, as I write this, it's been October for just over a quarter of an hour, which means that y'all better buckle up for a month of dark ambient, goth rock, gore-y death metal, horror movie soundtracks, and generally all things spoopy. Plus some other stuff.

First up, here's Black Funeral's insanely great ritual dark ambient album, Moon of Characith, which consists mostly of looped samples of all varieties, plus a bit of low-rent drum machine, synth, demonic incantations, and spooky wordless singing courtesy of some lady's ghost, I think. Truly can't believe I haven't posted this album yet, as it's an absolute staple in the DEAR_SPIRIT household, especially around this time of year.

Track listing:
1. Totentanz
2. Seduction and Devourment
3. Evocation in the Lunar Lodge (Lycanthropic Atavisms)
4. Rite of Enveloping Shadows
5. Blood Rite - Manifestation of Marchosias
6. Death Gnosis
7. Moon Thirst
8. The Vampire Born (Totetanz II)
9. Banishing

Malefic energies circle the temple

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  1. best blog around. thanks for all of the music.

  2. I want to second what adam said, I really appreciate all the work you do to bring this great music to us