Sunday, October 15, 2017

Various Artists - The Films of Jean Rollin (1994)

Just re-watched The Living Dead Girl (aka La Morte Vivante) in all of its bloodsoaked glory, and I've been meaning to post this forever, so what better time than now? From dark psych to plaintive piano to synth-y creepers, they're all winners. I've only seen three of the movies -- Le Frisson des Vampires, Fascination, and the above -- and as far as self-serious, stiltedly acted, boob- and blood-filled French horror goes, they're all winners, too.

Track listing:
1. Génèrique
2. Le Château
3. Angoisse Temporelle
4. Samba des Vampires
5. Doux Réveil
6. La Cité Rouge
7. Envos Vers la Folie
8. Génèrique
9. Génèrique 2
10. Françoise Chante
11. Ville d'Amiens
12. Bruits et Voix dans In Cemetie
13. Fascination
14. La Valse Grinçante
15. La Vaise du Château
16. Apparation du Château
17. L'Amour des Deux Filles
18. L'Intérieur des Ecuries
19. La Morte Vivante
20. La Découverte du Château
21. Boîte à Musique
22. Frottement
23. Dans la Crypt
24. Bai Slow
25. Le Suicide
26. Perdue dans New York
27. Dialogue des Duex Filles
28. Thème à la Flûte De Pan
29. Poursuite dans New York
30. Dans Peul
31. Scene sur la Toit
32. New Jersey
33. Chœur Petites Filles
34. Chinatown
35. Banc-Titre Avec Thème
36. Pont de Brooklyn

It's awful. Those bodies over there.

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  1. Definitely check out Les Raisins de la Mort (Grapes of Death) -- with Living Dead Girl, it's one of his most accessible works and surprisingly influential. Also, Lips of Blood, which is emotionally involving in a way that sneaks up on you. And then La Rose de Fer (The Iron Rose), which is AMAZING.

  2. Fantastic - thank you!!
    I met Rollin in Vancouver in the early 2000's, one of the kindest souls, just a total sweetheart. His films are kind of hit-or-miss for me, but I still admire him.

  3. damn i love jean rollin. bought a piss-poor vhs copy of grapes of death during my introductory zombie phase in middle school. was initially disappointed but found myself returning to it more and more over the years. fast-forward 2 decades and i'm completely obsessed with all of his shit.

    i have a recurring dream of owning a decrepit old movie house on a cliff above some haunted seaside shanty town and only screening rollin films and harry kumel's 'daughters of darkness'

    was lucky enough to see grapes of death at the egyptian theatre in hollywood a few weeks ago, introduced by kier-la janisse who had copies of the new book she edited that's all essays about rollin's film from a variety of female writers/perspectives.

    anyway is there any chance you could upload this one to zippyshare?