Friday, October 5, 2018

Horrific Child - L'Étrange Mr Whinster (1976)

Extremely bizarre French prog. First song is the most conventional of the lot, which, given that it's a disjointed 8-and-and-half-minutes of creepy, abstract prog, says more about the rest of the album than anything else. Second song is all spoken word over woozy horror synths -- anyone wanna tell me what he's talking about? Third is the topper, morphing over the course of 16 minutes from something that might play on a haunted house ride into a peak of majestically mournful space rock, then back again.

Track listing:
1. Frayeur
2. Angoisse
3. H.I.A. (Horreur Indescriptible et Accumulée)

A bullet with your brains on it

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  1. this is greaat! thanks....that word prog makes me feel nervous, but this i love. do you have any of the weird fahey stuff, like womblife?...having trouble scaring up his less traditional stuff

    1. I do. I actually recently did a writeup for his collaboration with Cul de Sac but I must have accidentally erased the draft cause I can't find it.


      Old Girlfriends and Other Horrible Memories:!4bwEiSzS!0NqAxmUN79XZei7--9Iug5887BSYT4IvCGBdZ0PjRwQ

      Any other specific ones you want? Will probably make a real Fahey post after spooky season.

    2. yeah that 4 song single thing is pretty wild!....i seem to only like his wacky stuff~!

    3. @kevinass:
      Here here. If Mr. Fahey had recorded only the tune "Sharks" from Womblife I'd be happy, and his legend would be secured in my humble opinion.

      Hearty thanks for indulging your reader's request for Fahey weirdness.

  2. Beyond awesome. Mega thanks for the post. There's a "modern composition" streak about a mile wide running through this too to my ear, exceeding the mere prog tag from my perspective. Sweet.

    1. Yeah you're definitely right about the 'prog' tag, it's kinda misleading

  3. it's called "mill pond ep"....also, I found this: hope that is right for the link...INSANE live of fahey off his rocker at the end of his life. read about it here:

  4. oh you have anyway of posting that "charlie nothing and his sax" thing? sure sounds neat. Hope i'm not being too presumptuous asking all this. I love this blog and have learned LOTS!!! thanks and good work!

  5. Second song is a lecture of Lautréamont's "Les chants de Maldoror", Book IV "Je suis sale " (i am dirty)
    source here :

  6. and btw, thank you for this wonderful discovery! As a french guy, i am kind of ashamed of not knowing that one!

  7. It is by Jean-Pierre Massiera, a very particular rabbit hole to fall down. Some very odd records along the way, and no one now seems to know if he is alive or dead. Seems to have disappeared completely. L'etrange indeed.

  8. I'm so glad you posted this, it's amazing, thank you!