Monday, October 8, 2018

Umberto - From the Grave... (2009)

First album from one of the OGs of modern synthwave. When I first heard Umberto, his schtick -- making music for non-existent horror movies using synth maestros like John Carpenter and Alan Howarth as primary sources of inspiration -- was a new, even radical idea. As with anything cool and deceivingly simple, it's been done to death now. Don't get me wrong: I still love Perturbator, Dan Terminus, and GosT, but there are a whole lotta projects doing really boring takes on the same sound. Outside of all of this, though, Umberto reigns supreme.

Track listing:
1. Opening Titles
2. Running Blade
3. Forsaken Dawn
4. The Child
5. Dream Sequence
6. Intermission
7. It Came from the Swamp
8. Shower Scene
9. In the Name of Zuel
10. End Credits

Someone chasing someone through a house

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