Monday, November 24, 2014

Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous & Jack DeJohnette - To Be Continued (1981)

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Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous & Jack DeJohnette - S/T (1978)

Second of two collaborative efforts between guitarist Terje Rypdal, bassist Miroslav Vitous, and drummer Jack DeJohnette. Atmospheric, dynamic, free-form compositions that might work as an easy primer on 'the ECM sound.'

Track listing:
1. Maya
2. Mountain the the Clouds
3. Morning Lake
4. To Be Continued
5. This Morning
6. Topplue, Votter, & Skjerf
7. Uncomposed Appendix



  1. Brilliant material. I know for a fact Rypdal is a conservatory trained musician and talented enough to compose chamber/orchestral music. He is not requisitioned to only make one style of music hence his penchant for jazz like this which btw I am sure is a little less free then you might imagine tho theres enough talent and soul between the musicians one could never tell it was composed. One of my favorite ECM artists!

    1. I love Rypdal. The one piece of orchestral music I've heard of his - Lux Aeterna - is phenomenal.

    2. Cool site. Never heard this. Thanks.