Friday, November 21, 2014

Dwight Twilley Band - Sincerely (1976)

Sincerely is the kind of perfect, would-be classic power pop record that makes you realize just how arbitrary success in the music business is. Like, I think that in some weird, imaginary world, every record that I post on here would be a hit, but Sincerely could have been a huge hit in this world. Listen to this and tell me I'm wrong.

So, much like their spiritual comrades, Big Star, the Dwight Twilley Band mixed 70s dad rock sounds with a kinda fey, pop-oriented approach and ended up generating a series of positively perfect power pop gems while toiling in virtual obscurity; unlike Big Star, though, DTB --and their namesake, who continues to record and release records to this day -- have stayed there. I only found them because their song "Looking for the Magic" is prominently featured in the movie You're Next. Having finally heard it, though, I genuinely believe that Dwight Twilley should be at least indie-famous by now, and I implore you: give this one a spin.

For more info, here's an article that I found; apparently, I'm not the only one who's made the Big Star comparison, nor the only one to think that Twilley should be a star.

Track listing:
1. I'm On Fire
2. Could Be Love
3. Feeling in the Dark
4. You Were So Warm
5. I'm Losing You
6. Sincerely
7. TV
8. Release Me
9. Three Persons
10. Baby Let's Cruise
11. England
12. Just Like the Sun
13. Did You See What Happened [bonus]
14. Look Like an Angel [bonus]
15. Miserable Lady [bonus]
16. Rock Yourself, Son [bonus]

I don't wanna sit and watch it all roll by


  1. One of my all time favorites!!! Nowadays I listen to this way more than Big Star, even though they still are one of my favorite bands ever. I started a job at Big Lots back in April and I hear "I'm On Fire" at least two times a week while working, which is fucking awesome!!! -Britt

  2. Just got back from the Salvation Army, where I pick up an unplayed copy of the Twilley Don't Mind 7" for $1!!! -Britt

  3. Point well taken about the fickle ways of the music business. Why Greg Kihn was all over the airwaves and Mr. Twilley wasn't remains one of life's mysteries. I was just thinking tonight how my audio compass pegs the Plasmatics' Coup d'Etat as one of the great metal albums, though nobody remembers it. But I digress. Twilley's "I'm on Fire" and "England" are two all-time faves here. Thanks for posting this one to be discovered all over again.

  4. While we're delving into unheralded pop rock records, does anyone remember a late-70's NYC or New Jersey band called Susan? Their RCA album Falling In Love Again is another contender in coulda/shoulda land, Toss in the Tarney/Spencer Band if you like too, particularly their fine third album, Run for Your Life.

    1. I haven't heard either of those records, and can't find a link anywhere. Perhaps you could help? I can't get enough power pop right now, and they seem pretty prime.


    All I've found is a dead link for the Tarney/Spencer Band. There are YouTube posts of their stuff. I'll try some crate digging and if we get lucky I'll rip the vinyl.


    Hey guess what: found the Susan LP. I'll see about getting it ripped. Haven't spotted an email link on this here blog but maybe there's some way I can get the files to you.

    Thanks as always for the great posts and reviews.

    1. Cool! If you figure out how to rip it, my email is invisibleartery@gmail. Thanks!

  7. I guess you can say they fizzled out. Sincerely and their second record Dwight Twilley Band both were strong collaborative efforts between Twilley and Seymor with very strong tunes, but once they shit the bed, that was it, and not even Freud could help them, Twilley released numerous records but no one gave a fuck plus the songs were weak, and the slow dive into obscurity began it's ugly death writhe as least we have these great pop jems....these boys could cop a feel.....back in the day

  8. I had this once but lost in a HD crash. Would appreciate a new link if possible, THANKS!