Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hilton Valentine - All in Your Head (1969)

2021 is off to a predictably bleak, anxiety-ridden start, huh? Here's a bit of late-60s psychedelic folk rock to help us escape to a world of sunshine, soft green hilltops, and weed smoke.

Track listing:
1. Listen
2. Everything Returns to Me
3. It's All in Your Head
4. Little Soldiers
5. Eyes of a Child
6. Sitting in the Sun
7. Is There Anything But Love
8. Land of Children
9. Run, Run, Run
10. Peace
11. Girl from Allemagne

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  1. I knew this (I also had a manager who knew him quite well too... brilliant name!) Thanks for this!

  2. Was unaware that Hilton Valentine released solo work. Much thanks for the post.