Friday, September 26, 2014

Gary Lewis - Listen! (1967)

An excellent, obscure gem of sunny psych pop. I think I'm trying to counteract the rapidly approaching rainy season with songs like "New Day" and "Look Here Comes the Sun" (which, it's worth noting, was written before the Beatles song), and it's working, kinda.

Track listing:
1. Jill
2. Don't Make Promises
3. She'd Rather Be with Me
4. Look Here Comes the Sun
5. Happiness
6. Bring the Whole Family
7. Reason to Believe
8. New Day
9. Small Talk
10. Angel on the Corner
11. Six O'Clock
12. Young and Carefree

Turn to the east, watch for the dawn
The night we loved in is now nearly gone


  1. Thanks for this one. It proves that psych was a positive catalyst for (almost) everyone.

  2. Thanks, always fun to discover something unknown to me, and I still love the 60s.