Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nightlands - Oak Island (2013)

Retro-futuristic, widescreen, soft electro-rock from the bassist of your current favorite indie band, The War on Drugs. Richly harmonized vocals that sound like robotic Beach Boys, hints of tropicalia, and a sense of commitment to a state of euphoria attained through disconnection with the here and now.

Track listing:
1. Time and Place
2. So Far So Long
3. You're My Baby
4. Nico
5. So It Goes
6. Born to Love
7. I Fell in Love with Feeling
8. Rolling Down the Hill
9. Other People's Pockets
10. Looking for Rain

I'd like to invite you
For just a little while
To a place I used to go
When I was only 17
Back to the place
The place that I once knew


  1. for some reason this disturbs me so much i have to comment on it:
    if you're going to paint your body silver, shave your face for fucks sake!!!

  2. there's a chance you could reupload this album as well? This blog has introduced me to a lot of great underrated artists, thank you in advanced.