Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd - The Moon and the Melodies (1986)

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An excellent collaboration between Cocteau Twins and ambient composer Harold Budd. I'm trying to pack in as much laziness as possible before school starts again, and this album is helping me to achieve my goals.

Track listing:
1. Sea, Swallow Me
2. Memory Gongs
3. Why Do You Love Me?
4. Eyes Are Mosaics
5. She Will Destroy You
6. The Ghost Has No Home
7. Bloody and Blunt
8. Ooze Out and Away, Onehow

The thinner the air


  1. this album is so perfect, in so many ways !

  2. Please re-up!

    Love love love this blog btw.

    1. It's uploading right now, should be up momentarily.

  3. Been looking for this. Thanks!

  4. Was living in S.F. at the time of this and we were dropping "E" and blissing out to the genius of ambient!

  5. thanks for the download link!

  6. hard to find, absolutely magic and ethereal, thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I have a vinyl version of it and just love every bit of it. Dreams come true if you really want it to happen.