Monday, September 1, 2014

Sortsind - More Days (2001)

Skin-crawling Danish raw black metal. Deranged riffs, high-pitched shrieks, relentless drums, disjointed song structures, all filtered through a thick haze of tape distortion.

Track listing:
1. Drömme Om Evig Nat
2. Blandt Grå Monumenter
3. More Days
4. Blot
5. Sorte Tårer
6. Jeg Er Kulden
7. Vandre Blandt Dödninge
8. Skumring

Maggots in veins


  1. Plz re-up. Scooped it from here awhile ago and there is nothing like this album!

    1. Just fixed it. Thanks for letting me know. This really is a special one

  2. Hola. Liked their first album, this link seems to be down. Thanks

  3. This is easily one of the nastiest black metal releases and groups I have ever listened to in terms of pure sonic filth and emotional terrorism. I have heard more abrasive bands in the genre, and some certainly more disturbing, but the nexus of ear-shredding and misery here is really potent.