Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kozeljnik - Deeper the Fall (2010)

One of my favorite black metal records of the decade so far. There's a touch of orthodox French black metal, and plenty of melodic riffs and leads, but it rips in a way that a lot of black metal bands, no matter their scene affiliation, often do not. Plus, I love the deep, epic clean vocals, and they are from Serbia. Upon first finding this record, I listened to it back-to-back four times, and I highly recommend that any and every black metal fan hear it at least once.

Track listing:
1. The Truth Is Death
2. The All-Consuming
3. Void to Final Consumption
4. Deeper the Fall
5. Breeding the Apocalypse
6. A.O.T.U.

I shall speak and blood from my mouth will flow
And no soul shall seek no path, no longer


  1. Didn't know Kozeljnik, thank you for the introduction. Lots going on here, I can understand your sustained repeated listening. Bursting out of the gate like a straight up heavy metal band, sibling genres quickly start being tapped. Flourishes of technical death metal, raw black metal and flecks of doom sticking their crusty heads in. All lorded over by a vocal that's not quite growl, not quite clean, and deeply masculine, like the devil's lumberjack. Aces.

  2. The repeated listening like you did pays rewards. It took me to fourth of fifth spin for the strings to register.Not sure why I wasn't hearing them, because they're prominent where they're featured. A unique complexity to this one.

  3. D_S,

    This one's dead : / Could you re-up it when you have a chance? Thanks!



  4. Thanks dude! If you're listening to it 4 times in a row, then I know I *must* hear it!!
    -I hope you got around to d/l the other two albums I mailed you? As you know zippy
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