Friday, September 19, 2014

The Only Ones - Even Serpents Shine (1979)

Behind that fiery, apocalyptic artwork lurks an album of charming, punk-ish power pop. Who would've thought?

Track listing:
1. From Here to Eternity
2. Flaming Torch
3. You've Got to Pay
4. No Solution
5. Inbetweens
6. Out There in the Night
7. Curtains for You
8. Programme
9. Someone Who Cares
10. Miles from Nowhere
11. Instrumental

If you wanna come face to face with love
You've got to pay and pay and pay


  1. The unsuspecting will be quite surprised by Peter Perrett's fey (meant appreciatively) vocals and poppy sensibilities lurking behind this curtain indeed. Thanks, didn't know this existed. They and this genre as a whole (The Records, Starjets) weren't on my radar long, though the Only Ones' "Another Girl, Another Planet" remains one of the most indelible singles ever, to these ears.

  2. First single Lovers Of Today was also great (the first album was pretty good too). Saw them supporting Television in London.
    By the way, I did ban myself from your blog after not getting into Sudden Death. I guess I've kind of unbanned myself but if you want to tell me I'm banned I'll try to respect your wishes. All the best - Michael

  3. Do you have their Peel Sessions by any chance?

    1. I do, here ya go:

  4. Thanks! Just found this blog a couple days and am going back through all the posts, awesome stuff! Thanks a lot for putting it together!

  5. I bought this album when I was released, back in the 70s, and I still play it regularly. It's grown old with me. One of the most enigmatic, but strangely satifying song sets ever recorded. Those guitars!

  6. You wouldn't happen to have this in Flac with cue/log, would you? The 2009 remaster sounds painfully loud in comparison, unfortunately.