Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tony Molina - Dissed and Dismissed (2013)

Despite a less than 10 minute-long runtime, Tony Molina refers to Dissed and Dismissed as an album -- not a min-album, nor an EP. This may very well be not worth looking into, but to me, it might be because the twelve fleeting power pop songs on here could represent a half-hour album's worth of ideas. Most of the songs feature the main components of a pop song, but avoid repetition, leaving stripped-down but complete songs that, had they been elongated, could have sounded right at home on The Blue Album or Return of the Rentals.

Track listing:
1. Nowhere to Go
2. Change My Ways
3. Can't Believe
4. Tear Me Down
5. Nothing I Can Do
6. Sick Ass Riff
7. See Me Through
8. Don't Come Back
9. Spoke Too Soon
10. The Way Things Are
11. Wondering Boy Poet (GBV cover)
12. Walk Away

Back to my old ways


  1. I love this 12" reminds me of a pop punk version of Guided By Voices!