Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yung Star - Throwed Yung Playa (2000)

Truth: I only recently found out about Yung Star, a good-natured and immensely talented Houston rapper who never quite made it, when a bunch of people (including Pitchfork) started pointing out that the amusing but dubiously talented Riff Raff appears to have directly lifted his style. Like many people, I haven't quite decided how to feel about Riff Raff -- seems like he's kinda just a clown, right?  -- but it's really easy to like Yung Star and the four thousand guests featured on Throwed Yung Playa, his first and only album.

There are two versions of this album. This is the later one with a bonus disc, which (obviously) has more tracks than the other version, but apparently doesn't have one of the original's best songs, for some reason. That sucks, but I can't find the other version anywhere, so this'll just have to do, you whiny, entitled jerk.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Intro
2. Knocking Pictures Off da Wall
3. Ballin' for Position
4. Gots to Be Everything
5. Y'All Don't Know
6. Grippin' Grain
7. We Got Plex
8. Keep It Real
9. I'm Still a Baller
10. Pimping Pens and Blessing Pads
11. Let's Get It Together
12. Parlay and Sippin'
13. Commercial
14. Knocking Pictures Off da Wall (Remix)
15. Out of Sight, Out of Mine
-Disc Two-
1. Who We Are
2. The Third Coast
3. Blast Off Like a Rocket
4. Cracks to Dats
5. Ballin'
6. Grippin' Grain (Remix)
7. Ballin' for Position (Remix)

Butt-naked mermaids spittin' water in my fountain

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    here's the o.g. version, enjoy. thanks for all the awesome shares, this blog is top notch.