Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (2004)

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Raw guitar-drone abstractions. The first two tracks glean strange, vicious beauty from feedback and harsh noise as only Boris can, while the third and final track -- a blown-out, extremely down-tuned, extended gaze into the lightless void -- is drone-doom in its purest, most minimal form.

Track listing:
1. Scene 2
2. A Bao A Qui
3. 見せ続ける死角 - The Dead Angle Which It Continues Showing

The evil one which sobs

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  1. Boris played with Merzow in Tokyo earlier this week and they did a version of A Bao A Qui - great show, best I've seen of them in ten years.

  2. holy shit this might be my favorite boris album i've ever heard. any chance you have the second two?