Sunday, July 1, 2018

Weedeater - Sixteen Tons (2002)

Some of the greatest stoner sludge ever made. Riffs on riffs on riffs on riffs -- there's even a song called "Riff" -- concrete-heavy tone, and one of the most underrated vocalists in the game. Relatedly: highly quotable lyrics. Some people seem to think they're a joke band or something because of the name, but this is some real deal, grimy shit.

Track listing:
1. Bull
2. PotBelly
3. Time Served
4. Dummy
5. #3
6. Woe's Me
7. Buzz
8. Lines
9. Riff
10. Kira May

You want it?
You got it
The absolute best in town
I'm all broke down
Load me up, one more go-around

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  1. Thank you for this solid album, was fiending for some new in this genre.
    Have you heard Purple Mercy? Another band with some legendary status stoner sludge. Unfortunately, I believe the singer passed away within the past year, but he left us some immaculate tunes.
    Also, what's the next Yob album I should listen to? Catharsis was fantastic.

    1. Shit, someone else was just telling me about Purple Mercy but I forgot to check them out, so thank you! For Yob, my order would go Catharsis -> The Illusion of Movement -> The Unreal Never Lived -> Elaborations of Carbon. Never got into any of the post-reunion stuff, but the one album he put out as Middian was really great, so make sure to listen to that, too. (

    2. They're pretty sweet, I also started listening to Bongripper, which seems right on your level for drone doom.
      Thank you again for all the music, this site has been my bible for the past couple years. I'll get on the Yob and Middian. Positive vibes sir!

    3. I agree on checking out The Illusion of Motion, but I also highly recommend Clearing the Path to Ascend and The Great CessationLess of the stoner edge found on Catharsis but equally monolithic and fucking massive.

  2. First 3 Weedeater albums are god-tier sludge. Shame that when I saw them live Dixie was pissed off about something or other and didn't seem to into it. I think God Luck... is my fave but 16 Tons and ...And Justice For Y'All are almost as scuzzily brilliant too.

  3. ...And Justice For Y'All - classic!