Friday, October 16, 2020

Spectre - The Illness (1995)

Horror-flavored instrumental hip-hop/dub/illbient, a microgenre that I should probably know more about. Downtempo beats, dub-y bass-lines, and hella samples.

Track listing:
1. Mayday/Nightstalker
2. Megablast
3. Spectre Meets the Psycho Priest in the Temple of Smoke
4. The Sound
5. The Other Side
6. Evil Dub
7. 9th Secret Rule of the Order
8. Danse of the Dead
9. Minions of Set
10. The Illness
11. Intermezzo
12. Elephant, Mosquito

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  1. Nice! Some Spectre reissued in recent years on PAN, which didn't make discogs

  2. I usually enjoy the first two or three songs on an illbient album and then the rest sounds like music you would hear in a movie when a hacker in a hoodie and sunglasses is hacking into the mainframe while streams of binary code pour in the background.

    As for this album, it's not my cup of tea, but thanks as always for your sharing!

    1. I believe that movie hackers are legally required to listen to either Massive Attack (nothing against them at all, just a fact), Prodigy, or something that sounds like Prodigy.