Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tony Scott - Music for Voodoo Meditation (1972)

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By request: some ritualistic sounds from the great Tony Scott. Clattering percussion and sparse bass lines, often with no particular rhythm to speak of, and Scott's clarinet snaking its way through the center.

Track listing:
1. Side A - Invocation to Chango: a) Calling the Spirit; b) The Curse
2. Side B - Calling the Victim's Spirit / Blood Sacrifice / The Effigy / The Victim's Spirit Returns / Death Ritual

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  1. Thank you!

    I have a number of Tony's albums including both Zen and Yoga Meditation albums (as well as his mainstream jazz stuff from 1955 onward and more so his world fusion output) however I wasn't aware of this nor Astral Meditation ... very much appreciated! Cheers

  2. Wow, that's a discovery! Thanks for this! Here I have something for you:
    "Music of the Voodoo Gods" composed by Jónas Sen to Maya Deren's film "Divine Horsemen"

  3. This is incredible! Thanks so much!