Saturday, September 19, 2015

Argentum - Ad Interitum Funebrarum (1996)

Metallum says this is black/doom metal, but I hear death/doom with black metal vocals. No matter what one might call the music, the band's from Mexico, the riffs are heavy, and the keyboards are spoooky.

Track listing:
1. Enter an Encysted Hibernation
2. Asstrum Argentum
3. La Sorella Di Satana
4. The Serpent's Lament
5. Horta Funebra
6. Mortuus Infradaemoni
7. Spheram De Tenebras
8. Ad Posthumum
9. Pax Moriendi
10. Umbradiabolous

Assassin of the light

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  1. There's a death influence, but it certainly behaves like Black Metal, so it's definitely not death "enough" to "not be" black, and with that said if the vocals typical of Black Metal fit the music it should also say something.
    Long version: The album's name is Funebrarum, so having doom in it, there's certainly a reference to Funeral Doom, given few bands can be "Black/Doom with some Death" without behaving as black/death - so Funeral Doom having a small amount of Death in it and mostly Doom, the album makes sense to be, as an explanation to why it is how it is, a Black/Doom with Funeral Doom influences, or in other words being Black/Doom with some Death, but not for no reason, hence the subtlety. Won't elaborate more on this, with all due respect, random blog post.