Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ignivomous - Path of Attrition (2007) + Eroded Void of Salvation (2008)

Cryptal Darkness - Chamber of Gore (1994)

More killer death metal from the land down under. Path of Attrition, a demo, and Eroded Void of Salvation, a 7", are Ignivomous' first two releases. To avoid writing more, I'll go with: Path of Attrition sounds kinda like Immolation, Eroded Void sounds kinda like Incantation.

Track listing:
-Path of Attrition-
1. Intro / Bloodshrines
2. Path of Attrition
3. Psychic Murder
4. Dr. Offal's Infamous Pleura Incising Necropsy [Necrotomy cover]
-Eroded Void of Salvation-
1. Doomsayer
2. Eroded Void of Salvation
3. A Weak God Withers...

Global tomb

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