Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Consume - Consume (2004)

Decrepit - Tired of Licking Blood from a Spoon (1999)

Heavy, ripping d-beat featuring ex-members of State of Fear. Some of the best riffs the subgenre ever produced, and just a touch of melodic d-beat a la Tragedy. Consume compiles everything this band recorded, and to me stands as one of the most essential d-beat records in existence. If you're not pumping your fist and slamming into who/whatever is closest to you, you're dead.

Track listing:
1. Gender Roles
2. Logical Limits Exceeded
3. Starved
4. Carcharodon Carcharias
5. The Cycle Continues
6. No Skin Off Your Back
7. Stormclouds
8. Mediocrity Remains
9. The End of Tomorrows
10. Led Astray
11. Forked Tongue
12. Lying Cunts
13. Shadows of Sorrow
14. Rise
15. Behind the Curtain
16. The Screams of Dying Cowboys
17. Products of Ignorance
18. Dogfood

Fuck off

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