Friday, August 4, 2017

Horizon 222 - The Three of Swans (1994)

Ingleton Falls - Absconded (1994)

Immersive ambient trance. A complex, deceivingly dynamic sound-world of pulsing synths, layered drum loops, fragmented dialogue, and atmopheric SFX.

Track listing:
1. Justice (Long to Rain Over Us)
2. Walking on the Air [Leapy Air Version]
3. Hemp (For Fun and Profit)
4. One Small Dot [Stardust Micromix]
5. Love Shakuhachi
6. Liberation (Om*Pa*Na*Da)
7. As You Let Go
8. The Last Supper [Massacre Mix]
9. Illuminum (The One True Name)

I was staring at the ocean
I was staring at the trees

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  1. Thank you! I sold my copy years ago and have regretted it since. Now I can see if it still holds up.

  2. Stone cold 90s techno ambient classic. I think this guy was a member of Zoviet France if memory serves me well! I love all the panning echoed riffs on this one!! Thanks for the healthy serving of electronic goodness!