Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hhahda - Avernal Mitic Black Poetry (2001)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Hetroertzen - Exaltation of Wisdom (2010)

Chilean raw black metal. Evil rasps, tremolo picking, blastbeats, and tape hiss.

Track listing:
1. Domine Exaudimos
2. Black Clouds
3. Ancient Lytaniae
4. Curse of Baphomet
5. Under the Moonfog
6. Gardens of Mist
7. In the Last Night... Storm
8. Funeral [bonus]

Nothing but candles
Lighting the earth to the end

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Nihil Nocturne -
Necrohell (2003)
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(2012) + Ruttokieli (2013)


  1. Just curious if you might have either of the countdown to armageddon albums. Thanks

    1. Are you talking about the Seattle crust band? If so -- weirdly, no. I think I used to have a demo CDR of theirs, and Rob put out a bunch of my band's records, but I don't think I ever got an CTA album.

    2. Do you have anything from the great unsung Portland band Silentist?? would be greatly appreciated!

    3. THAT I do have: (it's their LP)

    4. Thanks for the Silentist!!...haven't heard this record in quite some of my fav bands of the last dozen years or so.

    5. Yeah, excellent band. The dude August in this band also did vocals for the grind/death band Pleasure Cross, and his stage banter was amazing to behold. There was this one show where he just went off on a room full of heshers who, it's important to mention, were loving his band. He's shouting, "Ooooh, look at all you cool longhairs out there! *I'm soooo cooool with my loooong fucking hair.* Fuck you. Fuck that. Know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go home and listen to the fucking Police." My favorite though was at another show when he introduced a song by claiming that it was about "a vocalist who ate a burrito right before a set, then shit his pants during the last song."

  2. Yeah thats the one. Thanks anyway. I found a cd on amazon with both full lengths. I think aborted society still has the vinyl for sale but i dont have any way to rip them.

    1. Cool, sounds like you got it covered. You made me want to listen to them though, and I managed to track down their first LP, so just in case:

  3. Cool thanks. Now i have something to listen to while i wait on the mailman. Ill put a link up for the whole thing when it shows up

  4. any idea where http://mortuusinsomnis??? is to find now?