Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sielunvihollinen - Musta Uni (2012) + Ruttokieli (2013)

Finnish raw black metal. Cruel, blown-out sounds for a turd world.

Track listing:
-Musta Uni-
1. Musta Uni
2. Kylmän Syleilyyn
3. Maaksi Tuleva
4. Valtakunta, Voima ja Kunnia!
5. Tämä kansa, Tämä maa
1. Anna virran viedä
2. Varoituslaukaus
3. Ruttokieli
4. Viimeinen valonlähde
5. Syvyydestä

Daylight obscured by smoke

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  1. Ruttokieli cover art by Maxime Taccardi. Strongly reminded me of Drohtnung's cover art (which you've posted in here too), turns out it may have been designed by the same dude.

    1. Yeah, didn't look into it but I've been assuming it's the same person, either that or one is totally ripping off the other